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Clearitty is an invite-based community of elite sales professionals that share their insights about potential buyers

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Why Clearitty?

Shorten sales cycles and close more deals

Clearitty is building the 'Glassdoor of sales'.
By analyzing insights from actual past deals closed, the experience from other sales professionals, and unique information about the companies, Clearitty is an invaluable product to navigate the organization and guide the sales person.

Game-changer buyer insights

Understand buyers' business culture

Accurately plan & forecast your sales pipeline

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How it works?

Powerful Features that Unfold Critical Buyer Insights

How long is the legal Process? How long is the sales cycle?
Who are  the decision maker/champions?
How collaborative is the buyer’s team?
What business Terms to expect?...

Company Sales Reports

Want a glimpse of our product?

Below, you can find buyer insights of some of the top leading tech companies in the world reviewed by our sales community, sharing their experience selling to these companies.

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